A2 Hosting Turbo Shared Web Hosting Plan

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$10.29 / month


This is the same host and plan I use for WebHostSpy.com. It’s setup for growth with unlimited storage and unlimited websites and you’ll enjoy a risk-free anytime money back guarantee. This plan is recommended for high volume and sites that use lots of resources.

A2 Hosting Turbo Shared Web Hosting Plan
A2 Hosting Turbo Shared Web Hosting Plan

$10.29 / month


If you want a feel of the speed of A2’s TURBO web hosting, Web Host Spy uses this exact plan to power this site.

The plan is fast even without installing A2 Hosting’s WordPress optimization plugin. This plan is ideal for websites with large databases since A2 Hosting will cache (store in memory) data and not need to access the MySQL database every time to fetch a query. The result is a faster site that uses less server resources.

The plan is set up so you can grow. I’ve added many add-on domains, so I can run several sites using the same web host. Each one has an SSL certificate. When I was shopping for web hosting plans the A2 sales rep mentioned the plan came with one SSL certificate.

I’ve got about 4 in use right now 🙂 – all free and included with the plan. SSL is the thing that makes the padlock symbol appear in your browser address bar.

This is a great plan – I have the option to ask for my money back at anytime, thanks to A2 Hosting’s money back policy – but I really don’t need to.

The one thing I’d change about this plan – and maybe just web hosts in general – is to not be as strict with server resources. If you use UpdraftPlus – a popular backup plugin – it will periodically copy all the data and files from your WordPress install and back it up somewhere (Dropbox, Amazon, FTP).

This is good, but when the backup is running the disk I/O (input/output) resources max out and the server is limited. This means when the backup is running, the website is very slow and unresponsive.

Hosts put these limits on shared web hosting accounts so one person doesn’t hog all the server resources and cause problems for everyone else who’s also hosted on that server.

Unfortunately, when these limits spike, your site slows down to a crawl until the server resources you’re using are reset – or the backup is finished compiling your WordPress files into a .zip so it can be uploaded offsite to your backup location.

Backups might only last 10 minutes – it depends on how much data your website has – but anyone that tries to access the site during those 10 minutes will have a crappy time because it will take 60 seconds+ to load a page.

The solution? Not sure yet. I have been looking at another backup service that transfers files a different way.

8.8Expert Score
WebHostSpy is run using this hosting plan!
This plan offers unlimited everything with an extra turbo boost by using A2 Hosting's super fast caching system. It can be up to 20 times faster than other web hosts. This is a plan for high performance, demanding websites.
  • Super fast speeds
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited everything
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Server caching
  • Good pricing
  • Reliable
  • Room For Growth
  • Tech support can be a bit of a wait during busy periods. 15-30 mins wait at the most. Usually quicker.
  • Prices jump up considerably after the initial plan period expires. (not uncommon).

Additional information

Details: A2 Hosting Turbo Shared Web Hosting Plan


Unlimited websites


No domains included


SSL Certificate


Unmetered bandwidth


24/7 Chat Support, 24/7 Email Support


Standard performance

Site Transfer

Free site transfer

Sub Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains


Server Caching Included

Parked Domains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Wordpress Staging

Has WordPress Staging

Domain Extras

No Domain Extras


SSH included


Anytime Money Back Guarantee


Shared IP Address

Website Backup

Backups included

Email accounts

10+ email accounts

SSD or Non-SSD Storage

SSD Storage

Storage Range

Unlimited Storage

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